Piyush Baindara, Ph.D.

Piyush Baindara

Post Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D. : Institute of Microbial Technology, India
Mentor:  Chia Lee, Ph.D.
Lab: Biomed II, 506-2
Phone: (501) 613-2216

I received my Ph.D. from Institute of Microbial Technology, India in the year 2017 where I focused on molecular and genetic characterization of antimicrobial peptides produced by bacterial isolates in complex environment. Later I joined Dr. Chia Y. Lee’s lab as postdoctoral research associate in October, 2018. In the Lee’s lab I am deciphering regulatory mechanisms and regulatory networking of virulence factors involved in Staphylococcus aureus pathogenesis. S. aureus is an important human pathogen capable of infecting almost all human tissues leading to many life-threatening diseases. The pathogenicity of S. aureus is mainly driven by its ability to produce many virulence factors which are controlled by a large number of regulators. These regulators interact with one another in a coordinated regulatory network affected by diverse environmental factors and host factors during the infection stage. Currently I am analyzing the posttranslational regulation of a transcription regulator RsbW (SigB) by ClpC, an ATPase chaperone. I am using the protein-protein interaction principles to understand the regulatory mechanisms and to reveal the coordinated regulatory network that controls S. aureus pathogenesis.


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Baindara P, Singh N, Ranjan M, et al (2016). Laterosporulin10: a novel defensin like Class IId bacteriocin from Brevibacillus sp. strain SKDU10 with inhibitory activity against microbial pathogens Microbiology 162: 1286-1299.

Baindara P, Chaudhry V, Mittal G, et al (2016). Characterization of Antimicrobial Peptide, Penisin, a Class Ia Novel Lantibiotic from a Paenibacillus sp. Strain A3 Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 60: 580-591.

Baindara P, Mandal SM, Chawla N, et al (2013). Characterization of two antimicrobial peptides produced by a halotolerant Bacillus subtilis strain SK.DU.4 isolated from a rhizosphere soil sample  AMB Express 3:2.


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