Dereje D. Gudeta, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D.:  University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Mentor:  Chia Lee, Ph.D.
Phone: (501) 526-7690


Research Description

I received my Ph.D. in molecular bacteriology and infection from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2015. After that, I joined Dr. Chia Y. Leeˈs laboratory in April 2016 where I am currently involved in a project aimed at understanding virulence regulation in Staphylococcus aureus, an important human pathogen. The pathogenicity S. aureus is mainly due to production of plethora of secreted and cell wall-associated virulence factors that are thought to be coordinately regulated depending on environmental cues and infection stages. To further understand virulence regulation in this pathogen, I am analyzing the possibility of post-translational regulation of Agr by ClpC, an ATPase chaperone. This is based a recent finding in our lab that showed AgrA, the response regulator of the Agr system, is one of the substrates of ClpC. I am now working to test the hypothesis of ClpC-AgrA interaction by using protein-protein interaction principles, and elucidate how such interaction affects the Agr system. Many studies about virulence gene regulation in S. aureus are conducted in vitro condition and a few is known regarding virulence regulation under in vivo condition.  In vitro studies shows that hla is activated by Sae, MgrA and CcpA. In the second part of the project, I am working to elucidate the role of these regulators on α-toxin production in disease relevant animal by using rat infective endocarditis and rat subcutaneous abscess models.


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