2017-2018 Microbiology and Immunology Seminar Series
(MBIM 5106)

Thursdays at 1:30 PM in Rayford Auditorium


8/24/17Karl Boehme (UAMS)New Insights into reovirus replication and oncolysisRichard Morrison
8/31/17No Classes - Razorback Football Game
9/7/17Ralph Isberg (Tufts)Control of host cell tubular endoplasmic reticulum function by Legionella pneumophilaRoger Pechous
9/28/17Pinghui Feng (USC Keck SOM)Probing roles of protein deamidation using herpesvirus infectionJames Forrest
10/5/17William MacCain (UAMS MBIM Student)A missense mutation in the undecaprenyl diphosphate synthase gene uppS alters cell shape in Escherichia coliKevin Young
10/12/17Career Day
10/19/17No Seminar - ASM South Central Branch Meeting
10/26/17Jennifer Herman (Texas A&M Univ.)Regulation of essential cell processes during Bacillus developmentKevin Young
11/2/17Aru Gupta (UAMS MBIM Student)Functional analysis of rhadinovirus immediate-early genesJames Forrest
11/9/17Sunny Shin (Univ. of Pennsylvania)Innate immune defense against intracellular bacterial pathogensDan Voth
11/23/17Thanksgiving Holiday
11/30/17Leah Horn (UAMS MBIM Student)Investigating the role of ICOS during secondary Plasmodium chabaudi infectionJason Stumhofer
12/7/17Shabaana Khader (Washington Univ.)Host immunity to tuberculosis: a balancing actLin-Xi Li
1/18/18Gwen Randolph (Washington Univ.)The two “trash handlers” in tissues – macrophages and lymphatics – during chronic inflammatory diseaseTiffany Weinkopff
1/25/18Mark Heise (Univ. of North Carolina)“Systems Genetics Approaches for Studying Viral Pathogenesis”Karl Boehme
2/8/18Shana Owens“Defining Cell-Type-Specific Functions for Viral Gene Products in Chronic Gammaherpesvirus Infection”James Forrest
2/15/18Paula Traktman (MUSC)“The intricate choreography of the vaccinia virus life cycle”Jia Liu
3/8/18Katelynn Doiron/Joe Rom (UAMS MBIM Students)"A novel human tissue platform to study Staphylococcus aureus pulmonary infection"/
"Searching for the Achilles heel: Exploiting Staphylococcus aureus regulators to therapeutic advantage"
Dan Voth/Mark Smeltzer
3/15/18Clay Litteken (UAMS MBIM Student)“Investigating temperature-dependent gene regulation and virulence determinants of Borrelia turicatae"Jon Blevins
3/22/18Spring Break
4/5/18Marion Pepper (Univ. of Washington)“Plasmodium-specific B cell responses”Jason Stumhofer
4/26/18Andrew Mehle (Univ. of Wisconsin)“Regulating the influenza virus replication machinery”Karl Boehme
5/10/18Laxmi Yeruva (ACRI)“Neonatal diet impact on immune system during infancy”Karl Boehme