FortessaThe BD LSRFortessa has 16 detectors plus forward- and side-scatter detectors and an additional FSC PMT. The Fortessa is used for analysis only. The Fortessa can analyze up to 16 colors at one time. The Fortessa is also the instrument used for cell cycle, cell proliferation, cell membrane potential, and other analysis. To determine if your fluorochromes can be analyzed on the LSRFortessa, see the table below to determine which fluorochromes may be used based on your fluorochromes excitation and emission.

Keep in mind that many fluorochromes will have overlapping emission spectra, and may be difficult to distinguish when used together.  Be sure to check the excitation and emission spectra of the fluorochromes you plan to use to optimize your experiment.  The BD Biosciences Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer may help you determine whether the fluorochromes you want to use will have a significant overlap.




The Fortessa computer uses FACS Diva software to collect and analyze data.  Your data will be analyzed as part of your flow cytometry appointment as long as time allows, or you may set an appointment specifically for data analysis.  Because analysis requires time on the cytometer computer, analysis-only appointments are charged the same rate as data acquisition/analysis.  You may choose to work with facility personnel to analyze your data, or you may analyze data on your own.

Data Delivery

Please bring a USB drive or blank CD to save your data files. The Core Facility does not store or archive data for longer than about 6 months so it is your responsibility to get the data files and save them for future use