FACSAriaThe FACSAria has 4 lasers and is able to detect up to 15 colors at one time as well as sort up to 4 populations at once. The FACS Aria is used for analysis of more than 4 colors and cell sorting, its primary function being cell sorting.




488-nm Coherent® SapphireTM solid state
633-nm JDS UniphaseTM HeNe air-cooled
407-nm Point Source Violet solid state
All lasers are Class IIIb.



Analysis and acquisition on the FACS Aria is done in the FACS Diva software. Using FACS Diva, data may be analyzed on dot plots and histograms with various gates.

Data Delivery

Please bring a USB drive or blank CD to save your data files. The Core Facility does not store or archive data for longer than about 6 months so it is your responsibility to get the data files and save them for future use.