Charging Policy

The Sequencing and Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a business and its services are not free.  If a user asks the Core to perform any service, he/she should expect to be charged for it.

In the event of bad quality or failed results, the Core assumes responsibility for mistakes made by the Core, but users are still responsible for charges when problems are due to user mistakes.  The Core promises to freely admit when a poor result is our fault and, in most cases, will realize that before the user does.  If a bad result is the Core’s fault, it will be repeated at no extra cost but with the original sample .  The user may assume that if the Core suggests a sample be repeated, you will not be charged a second time.

If the user believes that a bad result is the Core’s fault, please inform Core personnel immediately.  Don’t wait until the bill is received!  Core personnel will be happy to repeat it, but if similar results are generated, the user will be charged for both .

Core personnel will do their best to deliver results and invoices as quickly as possible.  However, occasional slow billing does not release the user from his/her obligation to pay the Core for services.  The user is responsible for keeping track of his/her own budget.   If the user has not been billed in a timely matter and a grant or account is about to expire, please contact us immediately and steps will be taken to expedite the process.

In the event of uncontrollable situations such as inclement weather, illness, or deaths in the family, user appointments may be cancelled and postponed for a later date. In those events, users will not be charged for the cancelled appointment and it will be re-scheduled as soon as possible. It is unfortunate that the Core does not have the resources to pay other individuals to serve as a “back-up” and users will not be allowed to use our instruments in our stead. Any negative effects this may have on your experiments are regretted. If applicable, please see the Core’s protocol for fixing cells.

If users are unsatisfied or feel they are being treated unfairly, please take the following steps:

1 . Contact the Director of the facility directly. In most cases, user complaints will be resolved at this step. If not, proceed to step 2.

Jason Stumhofer, Ph.D.


2. Contact our Department Chairman.

Daniel E. Voth, Ph.D.