1.  Each time you sequence, you will receive a zip file of your results.  You will see 3 types of files.

a.) The Zip file contains all of your results compressed into a zip file (chromatograms and text files).  To view your results, this file will need to be extracted. You can download free zip file extraction software on the internet.

b.) Chromatograms:  The “peaks”. These files have the extension “.ab1” and can only be used with a chromatogram viewer. Please see our Downloads and Useful Links page to get a free chromatogram viewer.

c.) Text Files:  Simple text of your DNA sequence.  Can be opened with any text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.

3. Your files are labeled by the following nomenclature:
Examples: WellPosition_ yourtemplatename_primer .txt
WellPosition_ yourtemplatename_primer .ab1

4.  If you can’t open your files, make sure you are using a chromtogram viewer for the .ab1 files and a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad for the text files. If you still can’t open your files you are having problems that are beyond our ability to help you.  Please contact your computer support office.  The UAMS computer help number is 686-8555.