Although we are non-profit, we act as a business and our services are not free. If you ask us to do any reaction for you, expect to be charged for it.

You are responsible for providing us with samples that are to our specifications. We use commercially prepared plasmid as quality controls and compare sequence quality between customers to assess the overall success of a run. It is very rare that we get poor quality results with our control.

In the event of bad quality or failed sequences, we pay for our mistakes and you pay for yours. We promise to freely admit when a bad sequence is the fault of the core and, in most cases, will realize that before you do.  In those cases, it will be repeated at no extra cost. You may assume that if we suggest a sample be repeated, you will not be charged for the second reaction.

If you believe a bad sequence is the fault of the core, please contact us within 5 business days. We will be happy to repeat it but if you get similar results, you will be charged for both reactions. Repeats are done with the original sample you submitted. You may not submit a new sample for your repeat.

Please pay invoices or IDTs immediately. Failure to do so may result in additional service fees and denial of service.

You may not use our instruments in our absence. In the event of uncontrollable situations such as inclement weather, illness, or family emergencies, runs may be cancelled and postponed for a later date. In those events, the cancelled run will be re-scheduled as soon as possible.

If, for any reason, you feel you are not being treated fairly please contact Dr. Jon Blevins, Ph.D.