The Department of Microbiology is home to several excellent research core facilities and supply centers.

The Center for Microbial Pathogenesis

The Center for Microbial Pathogenesis and Host Inflammatory Responses provides an integrated and supportive research infrastructure that significantly enhances the ability of Project Leaders to establish independent, extramurally funded research programs. We offer a scientific and administrative foundation created under this umbrella to recruit additional junior investigators whose research interests are consistent with the underlying scientific theme and whose participation further enhances overall program synergy. The long-term goal is to integrate Project Leaders with newly recruited junior investigators, as well as with established investigators who can significantly expand their existing research programs, to create the collaborative and translational synergy required for the development of successful program-project applications.

DNA Sequencing

The UAMS DNA Sequencing Core Facility has provided rapid and high quality sequencing to UAMS and surrounding colleges and universities in the state of Arkansas for over 20 years.  Our current instrument is a model 3500 Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer and customers regularly achieve read lengths of 950 to 1000 bases.  In addition to basic Sanger sequencing, we also offer Next Generation Sequencing using an Illumina Miseq.  Current services are Small Genome Sequencing, 16s rRNA Metagenomics, and RNA-seq.  Bioinformatics support and assistance is also available.

Flow Cytometry

The Microbiology & Immunology Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides the researchers of UAMS with an immensely powerful and diverse tool to measure multiple physical characteristics of individual cells in suspension.  The flow cytometer can indicate relative cell size and density or complexity by measuring forward- and side-scattered laser light, respectively.  In addition, the flow cytometer can measure relative fluorescence from fluorescent probes which bind to specific cell-associated molecules.