Please begin using iLab for all sample submissions to the UAMS DNA Sequencing Facility.

To register for an account:

Click here to login and register

Primary Investigators:

Have any lab members that will need to use the core log-in as well.   As a PI you must log-in and activate your account before anyone from your lab or anyone charging to your accounts will be able to use the system.  You can also assign a member of your lab to be your lab manager and do all necessary actions after you do the initial login.

Post-docs, graduate students, and technicians:

Please log-in and request services using the directions below.

To request a service:

You must be logged in to your iLab account to submit a service request to a core. Navigate to the core’s iLab site from the list all cores link in the left menu. On the core site, open the Request Services tab to view all Projects and Services offered.

  1. Click the request service button beside the service of interest to open the request form and initiate the submission process.
  2. Fill out all information on the subsequent form and request page.
  3. Click Save Completed Form button after completing all fields.
  4. Provide payment information when applicable.
  5. Click Submit Request to Core button at the bottom of the page to complete the submission and send to the core for processing.
  6. The core will review your request, and will provide a quote. You will be notified to approve the estimated cost.

Ship or bring Samples To:

Allen Gies, DNA Sequencing Core Facility
Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, Slot 511
Biomedical Building II, Room 321-2
4301 W. Markham
Little Rock, AR 72205

Owners Manual:

iLab Help

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