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Courses Offered

Microbiology and Immunology
5003   Immunology (3) The fundamentals of immunology are presented with an emphasis on the cellular and molecular basis for understanding current concepts of  lymphocyte activation, cytokine activities, and immune disorders. Prerequisite: consent.
5023   Basic Principles of Microbiology (3)  A basic understanding of bacteria and viruses is presented. Emphasis in bacteriology will be placed on the physiology, replication, and gene exchange in bacteria. Virology will focus on virus replication strategies and pathogenesis. Prerequisite: consent.
5033 Medical Microbiology Lectures, case presentations, conferences, and laboratories consider the basic biology of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses and their role in the causation of human disease.
5043 Molecular Virology (On demand) Lectures and assigned reading pertaining to the biochemistry and molecular biology of viruses. Course given in fall semester of alternate years. (alternates with MBIM 5903) Prerequisite: MBIM 5023 or consent of instructor.

5051 Microbiology and Immunology Seminar Required of all students each semester. Students present the results of their thesis or dissertation research. Attendance is required and participation is essential. Offered on a P/NP basis.
508V Research in Microbiology and Immunology (1-10) Various areas of experimental microbiology and immunology can be studied under the direction of various graduate faculty members.
5201 Current Topics in Microbiology (1-3) (I, II) Discussion and advanced study on selected topics of current research importance. Required all semesters for all microbiology students.
5211 Current Topics in Immunology (1-3) (I, II) Discussion and advanced study on selected topics of current research importance. Required all semesters for all immunology and immunopathology students.
5904 Bacterial Genetics and Pathogenesis (On demand) Lectures and advanced study focusing on molecular approaches used in the study of the interactions between bacteria and humans. Offered in the fall semester of alternate years (alternates with MBIM 5043).
6104 Molecular Cell Biology (1st semester) Lectures and discussion of relevant publications which cover major processes in cell biology. Classes will emphasize the molecular models and experimental data that describe these cell processes. Topic will include: nuclear import/export, protein secretion and trafficking, endocytosis and exocytosis, cell cycle control and signal transduction. Prerequisite: prior course in cell biology or consent; course in biochemistry or molecular biology recommended.
600V Master's Thesis (1-6) (1, 11, S) Prerequisite: graduate standing and consent.
6023 Molecular Mechanisms in Immunology Lectures and discussion of relevant publications will cover specialized topics in immunology, emphasizing molecular aspects of function. Topics will include genetic mechanisms, signal transduction, cytokine function, and autoimmunity. Prerequisite: MBIM 5003 or consent.
700V Doctoral Dissertation (1-10) (1, 11, S) Prerequisite: candidacy and consent.


5103   Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1st semester) A broad presentation of basic biochemistry and molecular biology as background for other graduate programs in the biomedical field.


5043 Molecular and Biochemical Pathobiology.  Designed for graduate students in basic science and health related fields seeking an introduction to the principles of general pathology. the pathophysiology of selected diseases will be discussed in depth, with a focus on the molecular and biochemical mechanisms involved. Through discussions of published research, students will develop an appreciation of how basic and clinical research contribute to the understanding and treatment of specific diseases. Prerequisite:  Consent of instructor. 

5143 Gene Expression  (1st Semester) The focus of this course will be on the various processes involved in the flow of information from genes to their expressed products. Regulation of these processes will be explored in depth for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. Topics will include: Genome organization, DNA replication and recombination, transcription, RNA processing, translation, genomics and proteomics, differentiation and development. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.
Neurobiology and Developmental Sciences(NBDS) 
5093 Cell Biology (1st semester) The structure and function of cells and cellular organelles with particular attention to how these interact in larger units of organization.